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The Whispers
of rock

September 2025

little, brown (uk)
basic books (usa)

My book is a love story about rocks.

It is an ode to their beautiful hidden secrets. Guided by its whispers, my love for rock has helped forge the person I am today. Although these whispers live on, for all of us to hear, they are under serious threat. These profound and moving stories from the past implore us to listen and reconnect with rock, before it is silenced forever. 


Rock is one of the most ubiquitous aspects of nature, maintaining a presence and influence in every environment on Earth. Through an endless cycle of creation and destruction, rocks release their gifts to the world. Our ancestors knew and understood how these processes of creation and destruction were critical for maintaining balance in our world. 


But over time, these ancient whispers of rock have been threatened by erasure through the destruction of nature, leaving us with little memory or connection with the importance of rock in our lives. We are left bereft and isolated from this geological world, unable to sense its importance in our lives and the urgent action needed to conserve it.  

Awakening ourselves to the whispers of rock can transform the way we connect and understand the world around us. They are animate objects in nature; with origin stories that speak of diminution but also of resilience and transformation. The continuous cycle of destruction and creation that governs the life of rock is reflected within our own lives. As we encounter hardship and trauma and feel ourselves buried under the weight of life, the rocks can reassure us that recovery and healing are never far away. 

The urgency to listen to the whispers of rock is needed now more than ever.  No longer can we afford to be bystanders and watch as our world is pushed out of balance through an endless devastation of the rocks which are the root of our origins. Our ancestors knew of the importance of rock, and with reverence they layered their whispers upon the ancient ones locked inside the rock. We must listen to these whispers, for they will teach us how to connect with and value our world and guide us in restoring it back to balance. 


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