On Screen 

As an Earth Scientist, I specialise in bringing stories about the origins and formation of natural landscapes to life for a wide range of audiences.

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ITV This Morning May 2021

I appeared as a ‘super-contributor’ on BBC Four’s three-part series, Beach Live, where I was the show’s resident geologist expert, engaging audiences with my insight and knowledge about geology and fossils. I recently also appeared on ITV’s This Morning and have presented two 6 minute VTs for ITV Love Your Weekend with Alan Titchmarsh.

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ITV Love Your Weekend

I am a graduate of the BBC Expert Women Programme and have appeared as a regular expert contributor on many natural history programmes such as BBC Two’s Fossil Detectives, The History Channel’s How the Earth was made, ITV1’s Treasures of Britain and PBS’s Treasures of the Earth.


I am an established learning professional and have a highly regarded international reputation as an expert on Earth Science and World Heritage education. I have published numerous papers on glacial geology, developed award winning teaching resources and won the Royal Geographical Society Geographical Award (in 2010 with my team) for excellence in educating the public about the Jurassic Coast. In 2021, I am set to be awarded the RH Worth Medal by the Geological Society.


Born and bred in Slough, I had a humble upbringing in an urban environment but grew to love the natural world through holidays to places such as Kenya, which is where my family originate from. I have a BSc. in Earth Science and a Ph.D. in Geography where I specialised in glacial geology. My diverse background and voice brings a unique perspective to my work.