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I am an award-winning Earth Scientist with specialisms in strategic planning for learning, engagement and Equality, Diversity and Inclusion. I offer consultancy services for museums, charities, arts organisations, learned societies, NGO’s, corporate business and local government covering:

  • Bespoke training workshops to embed Equality, Diversity and Inclusion into organisational practice and change. 

  • Reviewing and evaluating pre-applications for funding through a lens of diversity, inclusion and engagement.

  • Bespoke digital content creation for social media platforms such as YouTube, TikTok and Instagram

  • Formal education resources within the fields of Geography and Geoscience

  • Sensitivity and scientific proof readings


To enquire about any of my consultancy services, including training sessions and workshops, please contact me.



“Thank you so much for that! Just a quick note to say that the conversations continued after you left and everyone was very positive about the thought provoking topics you covered. I think people really picked up on how much of yourself you put into your session and how much you genuinely care about these issues. That authenticity definitely adds more impact to your message, so thank you.”

- Science and Technologies Facilities Council

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